What is a PPI?

PPI is an insurance product that enables one to insurer payment of mortgages, loans, overdrafts, store cards and credit cards to protect against sickness, accidents, loss of life or laying off of labour and involuntary unemployment.

How do you make a PPI claim for the first time?

A quicker way for one to send new PPI to Barclays is to visit their PPI online questionnaire. It will helps you give them information they need to quickly process your claim and as fast as possible. You also can print their PDF version which you later on fill by hand .consequently there is a word version that you can complete while still on the screen before printing it out. The completed questionnaire is then sent to Barclays PPI . They also have a number that you can make your call through to register: 08002823902. The lines are open from Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm. When overseas use +44 207116 7488. If you no longer have a loan overdraft you are eligible to make a PPI claim which is investigated in the same way. Even if you have arrears on your account you are eligible to make a PPI Barclays claim.

If you do not have a PPI policy number you can still make a Barclays PPI claim. You do not need you PPI number to make a claim. You can just provide information as much as you can about your account and a PPI policy number will be found for you. If your PPI policy expired a while ago you are still eligible for a PPI claim, this is regardless of if you bought the policy or when it is finished.

If you have been mis- sold a PPI, the information you sent will be reviewed in the Barclays records and too they may also need to conduct you for more to discuss the information you sent to them. The circumstances relating to the sale of the PPI to you will be investigated at that time and a decision will be sent to you in writing with full explanation. Your account will not be closed nor will you lose your overdraft or penalized if you have been mis-sold a PPI. Your account will be put in a position that it was in and will seem as if the PPI was never added to it.

It is not advisable to claim a PPI through claim management companies (CMC) as they are liable to charge an upfront fee or if your payments are due they take a proportion. Claims that are sent through customers directly or those sent through CMC are received and treated in the same way. There is no special treatment that is given to those received by using a CMC.

After making a PPI claim, it will be acknowledged within 5 working days after its received and given a case reference number. After making a decision in a period of 8 weeks you will be conducted. You can check the progress of the request for your PPI claim online by use of Barclays track it. In this case you will just need to use your case reference and home postcode.